Strategies, techniques, and best practices to govern effectively, tailored to the unique needs of board directors of Latin American and Caribbean companies.


Starting with the early stages of nomination and onboarding to establishing credibility and influencing critical decision-making, through to ensuring the company is in a stronger position when you decide to move on to new challenges and exit the board, the workshop walks you through the entire board director lifecycle. Along the way, you’ll gain key insights into the human aspects of board directorships — the relationships, the power dynamics, and the interplay among different personalities.

You’ll learn about the changes in these dynamics that take place over time. Armed with these skills and insights, you will be better prepared for your own directorship journey. You will benefit from best-in-class materials, a top-notch faculty, engaging and practical exercises aimed at honing leadership skills, and enriching opportunities for networking and exchanging experiences with peers from across Latin America and the Caribbean.


You know you’re good at what you do. And yet, as a board member, have you ever been frustrated at not being able to get your message across effectively in the boardroom? Have you ever walked out of a board meeting with the sense that the board could be bringing far greater value?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. It’s the reason this workshop was created. Many other directors have felt the same way at one time or another.

This is the second annual workshop sponsored by international and regional corporate governance leaders including IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, Instituto Ecuatoriano de Gobernanza Corporativa (IEGC), and the Network of Institutes of Corporate Governance of Latin America (IGCLA). The Effective Board Leadership Workshop makes use of best-in-class knowledge in a handson and practical learning approach that will build on your own natural leadership skills. You’ll walk out of the program empowered and prepared for more effective handling of the complex and often unpredictable situations boards face. You’ll have practical tools you can use for immediate results, with positive impacts on your board and its work.


The primary text for the course is the IFC publication “The Incredible Adventures of Carla: Practical Guide for Nominee Directors,” written by Ulrich Steger and Christoph Nedopil. Written in novelistic style, it describes the board leadership learning journey of Carla, a nominee director. Although the main character is fictional, the events depicted in the book are based on 20 years of real-life IFC experiences in building the boards of its investee companies around the world.

Program focus is on the key challenges and dilemmas faced by boards of emerging market companies today. 

Using the text as a guide, substantive, content-rich sessions are followed by practical skills modules. Emphasis is on successful behavioral approaches that build on your own individual leadership style to address the issues raised during the content sessions. The skills modules make use of the techniques and methodology of the globally respected Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution.

At the conclusion of the workshop, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. You’ll also have the opportunity to register in IFC’s global database of suitable board candidates, from which directors of IFC’s emerging market company boards are selected.


Boards and culture
Relationships with and expectations of nominating shareholder(s)
Resolving deadlock in the boardroom
Leadership styles and transitioning from style to conscious strategy
Investor and ownership perspectives
Board roles in sustainability, reporting, and stakeholder engagement
Forward-looking strategic board role
Board challenges in corporate crises and distress
Risk governance and compliance
Board roles, including oversight and value creation
Governing a successful 21st century company

Improving decision-making processes and behaviors

Faculty Review

Professor Ulrich Steger, co-author of the course text and former academic chair of the International Institute for Management Development directorship program, heads a prestigious faculty comprised of prominent international corporate governance practitioners with expertise in the Latin American and the Caribbean governance context.


  • Standard fee, male participants: $7,500
  • Special fee, female participants: $5,000 (other discounts are not applicable)
  • Early Bird Discount (until September 1, 2017): 10%
  • Companies Circle member discount: 10%
  • Fees are payable to the Instituto Ecuatoriano de Gobernanza Corporativa on behalf of IGCLA and IFC.
  • Fees cover attendance, materials and some meals.
  • International bank transfer fees may apply.
  • Revenues collected cover the costs of the workshop and support IFC’s ongoing efforts to build the IGCLA network and advance corporate governance in the region.
Please contact:
Magdalena Rego Rodriguez.
October 9, 2017
Please note: The workshop is limited to 30 participants. Slots fill early, so don’t wait!.


All applicants will have a brief interview with workshop organizers. Upon completion of the interview and notification of acceptance into the workshop, applicants will receive an electronic link to the course text, “The Incredible Adventures of Carla: Practical Guide for Nominee Directors.” To prepare for the workshop, you’ll be asked to read the book in advance of the program start.

For more information about the application process and eligibility, please contact Magdalena Rego Rodriguez:

Senior, non-executive directors who have a formal or informal relationship with significant shareholders of a company, but who are not direct representatives of the controlling group, such as a family member or employee

Nominee directors of pension funds, other institutional or strategic investors, or government agencies

Directors and nominee directors with a basic knowledge of corporate governance and director duties

Directors and nominee directors with advanced level fluency in written and oral English: the workshop faculty will conduct sessions in English.

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